Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Blog Started

For the remainder of 2012 I'll be focusing on a new blog over at

Avon Products has gone through many changes this year & many of them haven't been the best including the laying off of many good district managers & in the process many of us representatives have been discouraged & tossed to the side. 

I'll be getting back into Avon in 2013 because although I'm not thrilled with the changes that occurred in 2012 I do enjoy the meetings with the other reps & I do love the skincare products. 

So I'm looking forward to 2013 to serve you again & will post an update when the webstore is once again open for business. In the meantime I'm focusing on the important family emergency preparedness at the new blog. I'm working with several people to teach people how to get started prepping in light of recent news accounts due to hurricane Sandy & those people suffering because they weren't prepared 

Ding Dong Avon Calling Have a Beautiful Day!